About Me

I arrived in England 13 years ago and for seven years I had lived in Frome, Somerset before I moved to Warminster where I currently live with my husband David and a cat Misty. I come from a beautiful city called Cracow which is situated in Poland. The city is full of artists and amazing architecture, and I am very proud to be born there. The best place for creativity!

Photography has been my passion since I was a teenager. I have never thought that I would take it to the next level and that it would become my second job (in my full time role I am crunching numbers on a daily basis!). I hope that one day photography will be the only thing I do for living as creating memories for people brings a meaning to my life.

I have always had a very good contact with people and I have discovered that it is a recipe for great photos! I do my best to make everyone feel at ease and create spontaneous and fun atmosphere (especially when I work with children). I am easy going, very flexible and I put my heart in my work. I always strive for excellence.

If you love natural, spontaneous photos that would capture the best moments of your life, contact me to arrange a photo session. At present I do not offer a studio photography.